Just steps from the Wright Flyer replica, there's another kind of aircraft taking off that recaptures the original thrill of flight. Ride or fly, it's up to you.


fly inTO adventure

My first job at MSI was as a member of the Omnimax team. Our duties included taking tickets, running lights and reciting pre and post show speeches. Additionally, we were saddled with loading paying guests in to human rock tumblers, the flight simulators, tucked away in the cavernous and secluded Navy exhibition.

To bring the unique flying experience out of the shadows and onto guest's must-do list, MSI contracted an outside firm to run a bigger fleet of simulators on the balcony, complimenting the avaition exhibition Take Flight. At this point I was working in the design department and was tasked with creating an identity for the MSI Flight School

Cribbing notes from US military designs, Top Gun (1986) and razor company Gilette I created a deep and flexible language that has remained consistent with several different designers and myriad signage needs.








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